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This is a podcast for the serious Whitetail Deer Hunter. I will be interviewing people that are consistently harvesting big whitetail bucks. If you are a whitetail deer hunter you know this is no easy task. That is why I want to hear how other people are getting the job done year after year, and make this show for all of you to hear. They say "there's 100 ways to skin a cat" and it is the same way with chasing trophy whitetails. I am going to dive deep into each of these guy’s strategies.
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Feb 26, 2016

This as an awesome episode for me.  I have been looking forward to getting Mark Kenyon on the podcast.  I have listened to him and his co-host as they banter and as they talk with some of the biggest names in the industry on his podcast.  I feel blessed I was able to get him on the phone and talk shed hunting with him!  We discuss some of the in's and out's, some of his tips, and heard some stories about some of the deer he is and was chasing.  After this podcast is over you guys need to get on and check out his Podcast "Wired to Hunt Podcast" and check out his website



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Feb 10, 2016

This episode I focus on catching you guys up on what I have been up to.  There is a good lesson to be learned about one of the first steps in hunting.  Securing property to hunt if you do not own any.  Defiantly a short brief episode that is worth checking out.




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Feb 8, 2016

Today I talked to Allen Garland and we discussed some awesome ways to take out coyotes.  This guy is the king of gear.  The equipment he is using is pretty state of the art and the insight he gives into the predator world is 2nd to none.  Defiantly need to check it out and afterwards add him to facebook

and subscribe to his youtube






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Jan 6, 2016

This episode is the first episode where we are not focused on deer hunting.  As our deer seasons are wrapping up we are discussing one way of keeping fawn recruitment up.  We break down how Josh is reducing the predator population.  When you can no longer fill your deer tags, you can extend your season and go predator hunting.  Josh works for Predator Tactics and has a lot of experience calling in coyotes.  Listen as we talk about the in's and the out's of calling coyotes in, and some of the equipment you will need to add to your arsenal.  While you are listening you can check out all the products the offer at and check them out on facebook at


Jan 4, 2016

This episode I talk with Curt Geier from Working Class Bow hunter.  He is one of the hosts on a podcast where they talk about all things archery.  You can be at work, with your head phones in, and it still feels like your in deer camp.  We talk about how he is getting it done in Illinois on some really nice whitetails.  After you listen to this episode make sure you guys subscribe to Working Class Bowhunter Podcast and also and check them out on social media





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Dec 30, 2015

This is an awesome episode that I truly enjoyed recording.  Dan Johnson is a fellow podcaster as well as blogger from Iowa that has had his fair share of encounters with giant whitetails.  He has been able to speak to some of the biggest names in the industry.  After the episode go check out his podcast the Nine Finger Chronicles and his website for his blog






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Dec 28, 2015

This episode Steve Esker breaks down his game and his hunting style.  He is hunting urban deer in the suburbs of a big city.  This episodes hits home with me because we talk about the area I just moved to.  I learned a lot, and I am glad i recorded it so you guys can hopefully take something away from it as well.






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Dec 14, 2015

This Episode I talk about the end of my season in Indiana and the lessons I took from it.  I also dive into the last 2 questions I ask the guys on the podcast.  I give you my take on them and how I would approach it. 




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Dec 8, 2015

This Episode is unique for the show. I have not been able to talk to any buddy that is hunting this much private ground befor. He has some huge chunks of ground he is able to manage and hunt through a lease. Daniel is a great guy with a insane amount of knowledge and experience he has gained through large tracts of a private land. Sit back and soak in this episode listening to what Daniel brings to the table. Go ahead and check out Buck Ventures The Woodsman on the Sportsman Channel, or check out there web page at Music Brought to you by Mike Rutherford "this ole heart of mine"

Nov 25, 2015

I wanted to get this episode out be for thanksgiving so you guys could listen to it on that long car ride to go see your families!

Sorry for the 2 week hiatus, I had a crazy busy few weeks there.  Now that things are slowing down we will be back to producing some new episodes. 

This episode I break down how my season is unfolding and I talk about what characteristics I like in a buck I'm chasing.  I  talk about some personal things i have going on as well as a story of one of my hitlister's I almost sealed the deal on. 





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Nov 9, 2015

This Episode Cole speaks from the heart and doesn't hold anything back.  He has a great personality and gives some great advice to fellow hunters.  This is defiantly an episode you do not want to miss as we dive into Cole's life and what he has been able to accomplish through adversity.  Follow him on facebook at his personal page or on Lethal and Management's page

Also Check him out at

or on instagram     @lethal_land_management


I am honored to have him on the show and I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did.

Nov 6, 2015

This Episode Trevor breaks down what it means for him to be a deer hunter.  He breaks down some of his tricks and tips he uses to get it done year after year.  He had a heck of a streak going and that allowed him to bring all the content he packed into this episode.  Make sure you keep up with this guy and some of the other prostaff at






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Nov 5, 2015

This episode I break down how my season is going, the question of top 5 days to hunt, and top 5 pieces of equipment to take to the stand with you.  I break down the question and give a brief summary of what some guys answers are and why that may be.  Then I dive deep into the most important pieces of equipment for me, and how I utilize them through out the season. 





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Nov 4, 2015

Bryce breaks down his game, and how he is getting on deer is some very different terrain than a lot of guys are use to.  Big agriculture fields with small wood lots pose some problems of there own that Bryce has encountered and figured out.  Bryce dives into his life and gives some great tips that he has.  Some things a lot of guys haven't necessarily thought about.  Bryce is not a veteran to the sport but he has done his research and has not been scared to find his own ways to start landing big bucks.




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Nov 2, 2015

This Episode Blake breaks down how he is building a hitlist, and how he uses it to get it done year after year chasing mature whitetails.  He has some great stories that walk you through things he has learned over the years as these stories unfolded in his own life. Make sure as you listen to it, you check out to see some of the bucks he is talking about during this podcast.




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Oct 30, 2015

This episode we hear how Don has progressed as a hunter through out his life to where he is now.  He breaks down several story's that really set the scene for where he is now, and the monster deer he is hunting now.  Check out his website to see all the things he has going on. 







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Oct 28, 2015

This is an episode I have been waiting to release.  Jim is one of the best at doing what he is does, and that is making premier deer habitat.  He creates places the deer can't stand to be away from.  He walks us through briefly some of the steps he takes to do this as well as set up some of the traps on that property.  As we talk to him and learn about his life and career it is easy to see how he got to where he is.  Get your pin and paper ready, because you will not want to miss some of the things Jim talks about.  Get on to get his info and book him, or to just watch some of his videos and learn more about what he has going on.






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Oct 26, 2015

This Episode Andy dives into how he came to building a property that will attract and hold mature deer during the season.  He talks about the journey he took andhow he came to realize some of these things that lead him to create this property.  It has some great stories as well as some good advice into some of the things he has done to set him self up for success for along time to come.  You can read more of what Andy has going on at his website and subscribe to his Blog.  Also follow Andy on twitter Andy Hayes@ATWDeer and on facebook




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Oct 25, 2015

This Episode breaks down the ground I hunt and some tips I use to gain access and keep permission by knocking on doors and asking.  I also break down some wildlife Management techniques you can use even if you don't own the property.







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Oct 23, 2015

This episode brings good content with great stories.  Zach dives into his life and how he has grown as a hunter and changed over time by personal experiences and studying other peoples tactics.  He talks about how he is getting it down in Kansas after moving there to go to school.  you guys should look him up on Instagram @Zach_Collard to keep up with all the things this guy is getting into in the outdoors.






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Oct 21, 2015

Josh is a super humble great guy that really dives in deep into how he and his wife are getting on some serious whitetails.  He digs into his life what he has going on, and gives tips on how he is still able to find time and make it happen year after year for both him and his wife.  Defiantly one to pay attention too and take notes on.








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Oct 19, 2015

Brandon is works for Whitetail property's up in Wisconsin

Brandon got started at early age and has worked hard to be able to live the dream.  He is able to make a career doing what he loves and still find time to chase those big bucks.  Tune in and listen to the conversation i was able to have with Brandon breaking down his tactics.  Catch up with him on facebook.






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Oct 16, 2015

This episode with Dan Pickell, is backed by years of experience of chasing giant whitetails.  The stories are outstanding, and have some great points.  It is full of content all the way from the first question to the last.  I hope you guys have a chance to sit down and really listen to this one.





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Oct 15, 2015

This episode is the second installment of my bonus episodes where I break down a question I ask the guys I'm interviewing.  I break down my current hitlist and a personal pet peeve of mine.  Its a short episode that just dives right in and gets to the point.









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Oct 14, 2015

This episode of Buck Slayer is an exciting one from start to finish seeing these topics from the eyes of Floyd.  He is not only chasing big bucks here in his own state of Indiana but also making time to go out of state to chase them.  He is living the dream all year long running his taxidermist shop and filming for Licensed to Kill Outdoors. 

Check him out on his facebook page

and there website

And on the Pursuit Channel

I hope you enjoy this one, because I enjoyed being able to interview him.



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