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This is a podcast for the serious Whitetail Deer Hunter. I will be interviewing people that are consistently harvesting big whitetail bucks. If you are a whitetail deer hunter you know this is no easy task. That is why I want to hear how other people are getting the job done year after year, and make this show for all of you to hear. They say "there's 100 ways to skin a cat" and it is the same way with chasing trophy whitetails. I am going to dive deep into each of these guy’s strategies.
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Oct 28, 2015

This is an episode I have been waiting to release.  Jim is one of the best at doing what he is does, and that is making premier deer habitat.  He creates places the deer can't stand to be away from.  He walks us through briefly some of the steps he takes to do this as well as set up some of the traps on that property.  As we talk to him and learn about his life and career it is easy to see how he got to where he is.  Get your pin and paper ready, because you will not want to miss some of the things Jim talks about.  Get on to get his info and book him, or to just watch some of his videos and learn more about what he has going on.






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